sima kim & yuco - split
(February 8 2013)
Cover Artwork: Amy Goh
limited edition of 80 copies and only available as physical. 
Track 2, 4 (synth, drums, s.e, electric bass, glockenspiel) by AMERICAN GREEN
Sima Kim - at the first meeting
[ Inner Ocean Records ] (January 25 2013)
Cover Artwork: Karn Suttikarn


Track List
1 At First Time Meeting
2 At First Time Meeting(AMERICAN GREEN Remix)

.Composed and played by Sima Kim 
.Lyric on track 1 by Sima Kim & Linda Ong 
.Vocal writing and singing on track 1 by Linda Ong 
.Synthesiser, Percussion & Electric-Bass arranging and 
 playing on track 1 by Takafumi Shirai a.k.a AMERICAN GREEN 
.Mixed by Sima Kim 
.Mastered by Pasquale Riviezzo a.k.a Halo